PYO Green and Yellow Beans

Green, Yellow, and Half-Runner Beans Now Available for PYO (weather permitting)

Pick Your Own beans does not last long, since maturity in beans happens fast.  There is a peck minimum for beans.

How does PYO work?

We offer PYO in bulk quantity.  All of our produce that is available through PYO has a minimum quantity that must be picked and purchashed. We supply the baskets (except strawberries) but require that all produce is dumbed out and transfered into other containers.  We do offer plastic bags but ask that you bring your own container to transfer the produce into.

Pick-Your-Own Availability


PYO strawberries are offered during the end of May/Beginning of June by the 4 qt bucket.  Strawberries are a very short season, so we recommend coming as soon as they are available.  


Green, yellow, and half-runner beans are available at different times during the months of June-September.  Multiple plantings are seeded throughout these months so depending on the weather and other factors, fields are at different times throughout the year.


Multiple varieties of sweet and hot peppers are available from August-October. 


Round tomatoes and Roma Plum tomatoes are available at different times during August-October.

How to Pick Strawberries

Thinking of trying U-Pick strawberries this year?  Check out the quick tutorial.