About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Owned and operated by Richard and Rita Fitch, Fitch's Farm Market was founded in 1983 and is in its sixth generation of operation. Surrounded by housing and a golf course, Fitch Farms raises fresh fruits and vegetables. Three generations currently work on the farm; Robert Fitch, Richard and Rita Fitch, and Adam and Daniel Fitch.  The market offers produce that is grown at the farm, and prides itself on Fitch Farm Fresh.

Richard and Rita Fitch, Owners

Richard and Rita Fitch both graduated from Avon High School in 1972 and have been married for 41 years. Together they opened the market in 1983 in the same location and building that the market currently stands. Through many renovations and additions, they rasied three sons, two of which have made careers at the farm.  

Robert Fitch

Robert can can be seen transplanting in the greenhouse, stocking the market with fresh-picked produce, or just chatting and telling stories with customers.